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The Millenium Multimedia Corporation, a Microsoft Certified Partner, specalizes in database driven web application development. Our consulting practice areas include Intranet, Extranet and Internet Portals, Content Management Systems (CMS), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing Visit our SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Consulting site for enterprise portals, collaboration and ECM.

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Millenium wants your business.  Here's why you should give it to us.Our methodology has been proven successful for nearly five years in production applications we support for our clients.Log in if you already have an account.  The system will retrieve your password at your request and deliver it to you by email in case you've forgotten.Your registration will automatically contact us and allow us to grant you access to the members only features of this website.

Our Strategic Vision

We excel because 
we exceed client expectations 
by consistently delivering 
the highly usable,
very reliable,
completely customizable
internet applications 
and all of the related services
our clients need
whenever they need them, 
wherever they need them, 
at a price they can afford. 

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to 
earning the trust, 
and appreciation 
our clients, 
our partners, 
our employees, 
our consultants, 
our peers 
and the people 
of the communities 
in which we live 
and work.  

We are committed to 
principle-centered negotiations 
in all of our dealings, 
with mindful consideration 
for the needs of all 
and the pursuit of 
mutually beneficial,
win-win solutions 
for all of our stakeholders.

We are committed to 
vigilantly identifying 
and fully realizing 
the organizational objectives
of each and every client 
by aligning all of our efforts 
with their strategic vision
 to deliver measurable benefits 
on time and within budget.

We are committed to 
finding meaningful work 
for all competent professionals
 and contributing positively 
to the professional 
and life-balancing needs 
of our consultants and employees 
by providing fair compensation, 
above-average time off, 
professional support,
career development opportunities
and a friendly, growth-oriented
 working environment
where people like to work.

We are committed to
mutually beneficial partnering 
with others who demonstrate 
excellence in their competencies, 
synergistic visions and missions
congruent with our own.

We are committed to 
being good corporate citizens
 through environmentally-friendly 
business practices,
encouraging volunteerism
and generously supporting 
community improvement programs 
so that our world may be a better place.

We honor these commitments by
honoring our core values of
and mutually beneficial

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