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The Millenium Multimedia Corporation, a Microsoft Certified Partner, specalizes in database driven web application development. Our consulting practice areas include Intranet, Extranet and Internet Portals, Content Management Systems (CMS), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing Visit our SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Consulting site for enterprise portals, collaboration and ECM.

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The Millennium Multimedia Network specializes in internet, extranet, intranet and e-commerce projects.  

As an internet consultancy, we help our clients and their stakeholders to fully and completely articulate and fulfill their strategic vision, business and technical requirements, on time and within budget.  Our services are comprehensive enough to cover all of your needs from concept to promotion and beyond.

As an application service provider and software developer, we develop and/or host highly customizable, highly available and highly usable web applications supporting the broadest possible range of internet-related business activities.

Web-related projects are all we do.  Period.  We do them so well that repeat and referral engagements accounted for 100% of our consulting revenue in FY 2002. 

Our comprehensive methodology, software and consulting expertise are proven and our projects have spun the web on behalf of small to large clients, consulting partners and other beneficiaries including: 

  • ABC TV, NY

  • A&E, NY

  • Align 360, NY

  • Business Performance Management, DC

  • Capital One, VA

  • Clarion Partners

  • Credit Suisse First Boston

  • Data Industries, NY

  • Design Strategy, NY

  • The Estee Lauder Companies, NY

  • MTV, NY

  • I-Deal, NY

  • ING, NY

  • Koch Records, NY

  • Merrill Lynch, NY

  • Free Horoscopes

  • Psychologist Counselor

  • Joe's

  • Microsoft, NY

  • Micros to Mainframes, NY

  • NBC Television, NY

  • NYC Realty Consultants

  • 1iota Productions, CA

  • The NFL, NY

  • The New York City Law Department

  • Renaissance Worldwide, NY

  • Salomon Smith Barney, NY

  • Street Project, NY

  • Superbowl XXXVII, CA

  • Thompson Financial, NY

  • Touchstone Television, CA

  • VH1, NY

  • Western CT State University

  • The London Borough of Bromley

  • Cruise Travel and

We offer a comprehensive range of first-rate on and off-site services to deliver web applications and support web-related organizational activities.

We are veteran internet experts.  Our typical consultant has at least 3 years of web technology and application development experience.  Our leadership has 20+ of Microsoft® technology experience. 

We're well into our twelfth year of successfully planning and implementing database-driven web applications over the full software development project lifecycle, from inception to evolution and we can help you with just about any web business related activities.

We are A Single Point of Contact for 
All of Your Internet-Related Needs

Consulting Services 

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  • Strategic vision and business process analysis

  • Business and technical requirements and gap analysis 

  • Requirements specifications

  • Project definition, statements of work and effort estimates

  • Vendor management, coordination and evaluation

  • Technology infrastructure planning and implementations

  • Recruiting and staff selection

  • Subcontracting and subcontractor management

  • Project Management

  • Database Administration

  • Website and Graphic Design

  • Two-tiered and N-tiered Web Application Development

  • Application test plans

  • Quality assurance (QA)

  • Performance Measurement

  • Documentation

  • Training

  • Website promotion and marketing

Web Applications 

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  • Run My Web Site TM 

  • Run My Shopping Cart TM

  • Run My Membership TM

  • Run My Email TM

  • Run My Database TM

  • Run My Member Directory TM

  • Run My Subscriptions TM

  • Run My Publications TM

  • Run My Web Calendar TM

  • Run My Events TM

  • Run My Email Marketing TM

  • Run My Web Payments TM

  • Run My Web Payments TM

  • Run My Affiliate Marketing TM

  • Run My E-Commerce TM

  • Run My Email Campaigns TM

  • Run My Donations TM

  • Run My Non-Profit TM

*As an application service provider, we can customize, integrate, install and/or host and manage these applications for you.


We won't make you reinvent the wheel.

We have an extensive, time-tested code-base that allows us to deliver applications rapidly and cost-effectively through a combination of custom development and licensing.  As an application service provider (asp) and custom development shop, our applications are in production at multiple client-sites and have stood the test of time and use. 

We have expertise in all web-related services and bring that experience to bear to help every client achieve their organizational objectives efficiently and cost-effectively. 

We only accept projects that we believe will yield a positive Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients.  By some estimates, 75% of all technology projects end in failure or realize negative ROI.  Don't get stuck!

We help our clients to fully realize their business objectives efficiently and cost-effectively in their web application development efforts and web-related priorities across the entire value chain and entire organizational universe, including the full software development life cycle: analysis (inception), design (elaboration), implementation (construction), testing, documentation and maintenance (transition and evolution) and all web-related business activities.

We partner often, subcontracting our services to other project staffing firms who can in turn help us staff your project if we need to go outside to meet your needs.

Our past partnerships and projects greatly increase our ability to reliably provide our clients comprehensive services.  Some of the industry's best have turned to us for our expert assistance and we turn to them as necessary to ensure your success.

We have access to a vast network of consultants looking for work in addition to our internal expertise and the staffing competency to locate and provide you with the expert talent you need...when you need it, where you need it, at a price you can afford.

We give free consultations.

Register for a free, no obligation consultation and test drive some of our software today.  It only takes a minute.

Send us your internet consulting services and project staffing requirements

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