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The Millenium Multimedia Corporation, a Microsoft Certified Partner, specalizes in database driven web application development. Our consulting practice areas include Intranet, Extranet and Internet Portals, Content Management Systems (CMS), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing Visit our SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Consulting site for enterprise portals, collaboration and ECM.

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How does our web application development methodology
deliver web applications and related business process improvement
On time, Within Budget and With Positive ROI?

Our unrivalled visioning and strategic planning services plus your coached involvement in the early stages of the project makes all the difference to its success.  

An application development methodology is only truly useful if business processes are understood.  No one knows your business better than you.  We'll help you map and measure your business processes and translate your business needs into technology solutions.

From there, our application development methodology is both rapid and iterative.

Each phase of the software development project lifecycle or business project lifecycle overlaps and gets iteratively revisited in ever-increasing depth to ensure accuracy.

Similarly to ironing a shirt, wrinkles must be worked out iteratively.  It takes multiple passes with a hot iron that reach further and further to iron out all of the wrinkles and get a crisp garment and it takes multiple passes over analysis, design, development and testing to ensure the application meets its requirements.

Iteration actually allows us to compress and reduce overall time to market, maximize flexibility and minimize costs by ensuring every step of the way that we are on track.  The most expensive mistakes are those that are allowed to progress too far down the life-cycle without proper vetting and checkpointing.


Construction/implementation occurs in prototype form even as requirements are being expressed to ensure that project stakeholders can SEE what they are asking for while requirements, design, implementation and testing iterate.

Just In Time Staffing 

Appropriately skilled personnel are brought in just-in-time to fulfill their role and only after the vision and strategy are formulated by senior staff from Millenium and our clients.

This approach has enabled us to help clients across diverse industries to fully achieve their business objectives efficiently and cost-effectively across the full software development and business project life-cycle.  

Contact us today to see how we can help you with:

  • Vision and Strategy Formulation (Discovery Analysis Inception):
    Change Management, Business Process and Requirements Analysis for strategic vision and mission formulation to guide all project activities.

  • Requirements Specification (Analysis Inception):  
    As-is and future state documentation; mapping and measuring of all business and technical system requirements.

  • System Design (Elaboration):
    Database design and data modeling, infrastructure, system and application architecture, two to n-tiered web application design.

  • Internet Application Development (Implementation, Testing/Construction):  
    Independent or coordinated web development services, legacy integration, database creation and legacy data migration, application testing and quality assurance.

  • System Evolution and Knowledge Transfer (Maintenance/Transition): 
    System documentation, end-user and technical staff training. Ongoing support and application enhancements.

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Software Development Life Cycle >>

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